Thomas Doppler's Work

My main job is to work as head of System Engineering & Technology with melecs.

I used to be in charge of pushing the development of the POCKET READER. On this issue I wasn't only working in my job as developer, but I'm also (still) running the unofficial Pocket Reader Homepage... I'm the pocket reader!

As a sideline I've been busy designing homepages. Well, I haven't been that busy really, and I haven't been all that commercially successful - still there are several sites you might want to have a look at:

Buy eggs and wine from Bauernhof Doppler.

On the educational sector: The original homepage of the GEPS Marktgasse - Volksschule im Lichtental was designed by me.

Sometimes we assist when problems arise somewhere. For example, the homepage of the Wasserschiclub Tulln was not accessible via the address at first (and isn't any more, either)...

A DEMO presentation of the city of Tulln in the internet was the beginning.


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