Thomas Doppler's Family

Since May 2002 I'm married to my wife


she teaches at the VS 2 Tulln.


Mona Doppler Mona, *2007-01-13 Raphael Doppler Raphael, *2005-12-24 Luise,

I have 5 children
who I see only sporadically nowadays (they live their own lives with partners and kids).
Flora lives with me.

Flora is pupil of  the BG&BRG Tulln.
attended the TGM and studied Business Administration at the Vienna University.
He works as web developer now:
graduated from the BG&BRG Tulln with distinction and studied Chemistry at the TU Wien. He is married to Rode and has one son Fabian.
graduated from the Sir-Karl-Popper-Schule with distinction, completed her studies of Environment Education, is married to Mathias Stain, became mother of Mona and Luise and currently works as KEM-Manager.
Victoria, after attending the BORG Krems, successfully graduated (among others) from her studies of Pedagogics at the Vienna University.
She has one son, Raphael.

On my 4 brothers
there exists only sparse information. Beside those old guys, BTW, there are numerous nieces and nephews.

travel agency manager of Raiffeisen-Reisen in Langenlois,
married to Sigrid Sabadello
restaurateur in Tulln, and Ingrid
Farmer in Staasdorf (Bauernhof Doppler), and Monika
free lance consulter

My parents:

Helene und Josef (Sepp) Doppler

from Staasdorf, Austria
Staasdorf, Karte
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