Thomas Doppler's Travels and Visitors

I like to travel - one gets to know new countries and people, it is interesting and it can even be restful.


Summer 2009: Iceland & Greenland (German only)

Summer 2008: Skandinavia incl. North Cape (German only)

June 2006: Canada and USA

Summer 2004: Crete

In May 2004 we had visitors from Wilmington, Ohio.

Summer 2003: Kenya and Tanzania with climbing Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro

Summer 2001: Kenya

In June 2001 we had visitors from Fountain City, Indiana.

Some of the people one gets to know even come back for a visit. In July 2000 we had a visitor from Canada staying with us for a couple of days: Sasha Dobben. Here you find some information about her visit (Sasha, that one's for you!).

Summer 1999: Cuba

Summer 2000: Crete


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